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Many successful executives suffer from the idea that they must put in more effort in order to achieve more. But nothing could be further from the truth. The answer for 'too much' is not 'doing more'. 
If you're a successful leader who wants to increase the Return On your Invested time and energy, and have limited time to spend on personal development, we have exactly what you're looking for.

Our scientifically researched training system helps you improve your leadership fitness in only 3 minutes a day!  And best of all... you'll start experiencing results in as little as 3 weeks.

New E-Book for Coaches


In 2015 the University of Amsterdam (AMC) conducted an extensive scientific research into the TopMind Training System. After 3 months of training, participants experienced less stress, increased satisfaction and were more empathetic, with the effects lasting for at least 1 year after the training. 

This new E-book, 'Coaching is a contact sport', is a practical hands-on training guide which teaches leaders / coaches, how to apply more and better contacts with clients, without having to spend extra time on this.

The new book helps coaches become 'effective' enabling them to deal with modern time challenges coaching clients have to cope with.

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Hone in on your goals

Based on an objective physical test and a 360 relational assessment, we identify the goals for the  training process

Set intentions & actions

The TopMind Training Toolkit provides the appropriate techniques empowering you to achieve the desired outcome.

Develop practical habits

Develop effective habits with our daily TopMind Tracker. 
Daily follow up and receive a report card every week and month.

Trace progress

Based on an objective physical test and a 360 relational assessment, we identify the goals for the  training process

TopMind endorsed by the Nr. 1 Leadership thinker in the world!

'I'm so proud to be associated with you...'

“You have done a fantastic job on helping clients realize positive long term change. You have helped leaders not only become better leaders, but also become better friends, better family members and human beings.”
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, 
The nr. 1 Executive Coach in the World 

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith 

The nr 1 leadership thinker and executive coach in the world.


TopMind has a team of coaching experts, all qualified performance psychologists (MSc).


The TopMind Teams facilitates large team events from leadership team off-sites to organisational wide culture programs.


Anne-Johan is a frequently asked speaker. 


Our HR consultancy team advises and implements, specifically in the area of HR Performance Management.  

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Extensive services in the field of Leadership Development, from coaching to speaking to consultancy

Here is what our clients are saying about us..

Amongst the many succes stories with our TopMind Training Method. We have had the pleasure with working with more than 100+ senior executives, 20+ leadership teams, 30+ professional sports athletes.

Harald Swinkels 
Founder and CEO of De Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij

Hans Bohm
CEO Beerwulf - Heineken N.V.

About me

Anne Johan (AJ) Willemsen

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Executive Coach

I help leaders get 'Leadership Fit'. Get measurably more effective with our scientifically tested TopMind Training System!

  Founder and CEO of TopMind™ 

  10 years of corporate experience in various management roles 

  Personal Trainer to top-level athletes and C-level executives 

  Developer of a globally unique academically researched training method

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